‘Facial lifting’ & ‘Jawline defining’

In the past, to achieve a substantial facial ‘lift’ and that illusive, defined jaw line, we have had to resort to the surgeons knife…..,

Now, there is a less invasive, less expensive, but, truly effective option…..

The treatment I am talking about is an ‘advanced sculpting technique’, using high quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. With the correct positioning, and in the correct amounts, these dermal fillers deliver exceptional facial lifting and improved jawline definition, and this can be achieved in one treatment session.

Having studied these treatment techniques and the products in depth, and had the opportunity to carry out a number of these procedures, I am extremely impressed by the results that this treatment protocol is allowing me to deliver for my clients.

This treatment offers minimal ‘down time’, you can carry on with life without major disruption. Results are immediate, and last for approximately 12 months (dependent on, age, smoker/non smoker, skin health etc)

It really does provide a lifted refreshed look…………..


Award update & Summer is on its way!!

Having had a fantastic end to 2012 by winning the aesthetic industries prestigious GOLD AWARD, Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year (mobile), the start of 2013 is also looking great!!

I have had editorials published in the latest editions of Swansea Life, and Ladies First magazines…….’please have a read as all feed back would be greatly appreciated’.

I am launching my new skincare regime this Spring with FREE skin assessments for every client!
I think we all deserve to look our glowing best for the coming summer and radiant skin is within reach for all, with this in mind I have sourced skin products and treatments that are extremely effective yet reasonably priced…….. I am determined to achieve the best results I can for all my like minded clients! So when booking your next appointment just mention your FREE skin care assessment!!!

Finalist Aesthetic Awards 2012-2013

I am extremely honoured to have been nominated by my industry peers as a Finalist in this years Aesthetic Awards, in the category of ‘Best Mobile Practitioner’; this award recognises the achievements of solo practitioners who operate out of multiple locations.

Clients can vote for me if they would like to in this category, by visiting the web site: www.cosmeticnewsuk.com

Mystery shoppers will be sent to the practitioners who have been shortlisted and their feedback ‘as well’ as feedback from customers will determine the winner.

So it would be fantastic if you could support my nomination, and vote for me!!

Thank you!!!


London Meeting….

Returned at the weekend from a very informative first meeting held in London by ‘The Journal of Aesthetic Nurses’.

The conference collided with the publishing of the news that, from 23/07/2012 insurance companies that specialise in providing insurance to nurses and doctors offering prescribable aesthetic treatments such as Botox will not cover practitioners who are not themselves prescribers, their insurance will be invalid.

The practice of remote prescribing, where prescriptions are verbally given either over the phone or via the internet to a non prescribing practitioner to then treat the patient with Botox…..that practitioners insurance will be void.

Simply put…..To ensure your practitioner is insured and therefore the treatment they are providing to you is covered…….ask if they hold the correct qualification, ask to see their appropriate prescribing certificates……

We are very happy at Karen Lockett clinics to provide proof of qualification for any of the treatments we offer….just ask


JAN inaugural meeting this Wednesday 18/07


The inaugural meeting of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, is being held in London this Wednesday!. I will be there as I am on the editorial panel of the journal, and I am looking forward to what looks like being a fantastic and informative day!

An exciting agenda is planned, along with the opportunity to view and discuss new treatments, products and concepts!!

I will be keeping all my clients up to date with what fantastic new and possibly improved treatments and products the aesthetic world has to offer that we will be bringing in clinic to you!!!…..

Be the first to know what is new…. check out our blog site regularly….or sign up to regular updates by clicking ‘follow’ (bottom right of this page)!!



The Botox prescribing controversy in a ‘nutshell’

For those who are not completely sure of what the problem is with some nurses who deliver Botox treatments, here in a ‘nutshell’ is the explanation;

Botox is a prescription only medication (POM), and always has been, therefore only a medically trained practitioner who is a prescriber, ie a doctor, a dentist, or a nurse independent prescriber can, after a face to face consultation with the patient, then prescribe the POM…Botox.

There have been, to this point in time, doctors who have ‘prescribed’ botox for a patient that they have not ‘seen’. They may have only spoken with the patient over the phone or possibly over the Internet.

The patient then receives the treatment, on the ‘say so’ of a prescriber who has not seen them face to face, from a practitioner who is not qualified to prescribe a POM.

Many doctors have made a lot of money from offering this service to non prescribing nurses…..these  nurses are working outside of their professional code of conduct and run the ‘great’ risk of being struck

As patients it is always in your best interest to check the qualifications of of your aesthetic practitioner.

Karen Lockett RGN NIP

BACN – Response to the BBC news item on 9/07/12 relating to remote prescribing in aesthetics

Following the program aired by the BBC last night regarding remote prescribing of Botox, this is the document issued today by the BACN in response to this issue, on behalf of Cosmetic Nurses:-

British Association of Cosmetic Nurses Response to the BBC news item on 9/07/12 relating to remote prescribing in aesthetics, and in particular, botulinum toxin (Botox) – Press Release – for immediate release 10th July 2012

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) has been representing nurses in aesthetic practice for the last four years. The role of the BACN is to inform, advise and educate our members, and require them to practise within the law and to the highest professional standards. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) role is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public and ensure the highest standards of practice, all nurses working in the United Kingdom should be registered with the NMC.

Aesthetic practice is unusual in that the majority of multi-disciplinary training in aesthetics is carried out by highly specialised, experienced autonomous nurse educators.

Working closely with the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing the aesthetic nursing community continues to drive education and practice standards through educational conferences, workshops, seminars and peer reviewed academic articles, driving collaboration with allied health care professionals.

The BACN has been concerned for some time that some doctors offer reassurance to nurses that remote prescribing is accepted practice and meets NMC standards, this is not the case, as in NMC New Advice for Botox – Nurses and Midwives, published on 1st April 2011 and the NMC Standards for Medicines Management published on 9th October 2007. We welcome the fact that the practice has been highlighted and we look forward to clarity from the General Medical Council (GMC).

Nurses who have undertaken the Nurse Independent Prescribing (NIP) Course and satisfied the examiners at the NMC, and maintain both their general nursing qualification and NIP qualifications are legally able to prescribe and administer botulinum toxins and all other prescribable items within their area of competence, and have equal prescribing rights to all UK doctors. The NIP qualification has a pass mark of eighty percent for pharmacology and one hundred percent for mathematics.

Non-prescribing qualified nurses working in partnership with doctors or nurse prescribers are also working within the correct legal framework, when their patients are consulted by the prescriber who then delegates an order to administer to the nurse. This consultation process involves a physical face to face full consultation and examination by the prescriber.

New Magazine

The Journal of Aesthetic Nursing is a journal to be launched in 2012 by The Mark Allen Group who have over 50 medical titles in their portfolio. The aim is to have a peer reviewed independent journal for aesthetic nurses.

They were finalising the board towards the end of last year and following talks with the editors who felt that my experience in medical aesthetics, coupled with their reciprocal understanding of my personal approach to aesthetic nursing, I am delighted to say that on the 12th October 2011 I was asked if I would join the board.

As a board member I am expected to produce written work and to participate in a separate peer review panel….this provides the opportunity to support the aesthetic nursing family as it grows and develops. The board and journal are very much supported by, and are supportive of, the BACN, of which I have been a member since its conception.

Discount Botox…….A Good move?

As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

As an experienced aesthetic medical professional I believe that the offers of ‘cheap Botox® treatments’ fit this description……..

Botulinum Toxin, whether it is the product ‘Botox®’ or offered under another product name for use in cosmetic indications, is a costly ‘prescription only’ medicine…………. So how are individuals able to offer such an expensive drug at very low prices?

Here are some of the possibilities that come to my mind:-

Any ‘Botox®’ product that is purchased by an individual from ‘anywhere’ other than a reputable pharmaceutical company, for any price, could in reality no matter what the label may say on the bottle, be absolutely ‘anything’. This of course is an extremely worrying thought, and this very situation has tragically resulted in deaths in other countries.

But there are other possibilities that could account for a Botox® treatment being offered at very low prices.

Botulinum Toxin of the type used in the majority of cosmetic procedures when purchased is in a powder form, therefore in order to be able to inject it to deliver a treatment, the product must be reconstituted with fluid. The amount of fluid added to each individual product required to deliver optimum treatment results is well documented. If you want the product to ‘go further’, maybe provide more treatments than it is designed for, you can add more fluid when reconstituting the products. Unfortunately if this is the case, the client can have poor treatment results and any results achieved very often wear off much sooner than they should…..not such a bargain!

There is another important point to make at this time in regards to the pricing of ‘Botox®’ treatments:

When you wish to buy yourself, let’s say, an expensive dress for example, to treat yourself and maybe boost your confidence, you find the dress you want and you may then shop around to get the best price for it; you then make your purchase….job done!

When purchasing any kind of non surgical treatment e.g. fillers or Botox®, or surgical cosmetic treatments, you either know what you want, or following research, you have a good idea of what you are looking for. You then search for what you want, usually online, or in magazines until you find it. If it is the price that has drawn you to a particular treatment being offered you must remember that this is not a straightforward purchase, as is buying ‘a dress’.

Another analogy would be your hair cut, colour, style etc. We know of many places that offer these services, but would we really choose to have our hair done at a salon purely on the basis that they only charge £20? At salons you pay a premium to have the senior stylist, or the artistic director work on your hair………… experience, an eye for what is required and technical skill have great worth.

It is I feel, important to stress that expertise is not gained by attending one day training courses which provide the individual with a ‘certificate’ This expertise includes the gaining over time of an aesthetic eye, delivering the ‘appropriate’ treatment expertly along with the management of any problems that may occur during and following treatment which, although rare, can happen. This experienced professional aftercare, also includes the successful management and correction if required, of any situation that you may have concerns about.

So, it is vital to remember that you are not just paying for the ‘product’ when you purchase a cosmetic treatment; an extremely important part of the cost that is incurred is payment for the expertise gained over many years of the individual that is going to inject your face, or perform surgery upon you.

Even though cosmetic treatments are part of everyday life now for many people, these decisions should not be taken lightly; ask questions, make sure yours is a ‘fully informed’ decision.

By having all the information you require, enabling you to choose the right practitioner for you, medical cosmetic treatments provide us with a fantastic opportunity to maximise our aesthetic potential; helping us face our stressful lives with confidence and positivity.