The Botox prescribing controversy in a ‘nutshell’

For those who are not completely sure of what the problem is with some nurses who deliver Botox treatments, here in a ‘nutshell’ is the explanation;

Botox is a prescription only medication (POM), and always has been, therefore only a medically trained practitioner who is a prescriber, ie a doctor, a dentist, or a nurse independent prescriber can, after a face to face consultation with the patient, then prescribe the POM…Botox.

There have been, to this point in time, doctors who have ‘prescribed’ botox for a patient that they have not ‘seen’. They may have only spoken with the patient over the phone or possibly over the Internet.

The patient then receives the treatment, on the ‘say so’ of a prescriber who has not seen them face to face, from a practitioner who is not qualified to prescribe a POM.

Many doctors have made a lot of money from offering this service to non prescribing nurses…..these  nurses are working outside of their professional code of conduct and run the ‘great’ risk of being struck

As patients it is always in your best interest to check the qualifications of of your aesthetic practitioner.

Karen Lockett RGN NIP

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