‘Facial lifting’ & ‘Jawline defining’

In the past, to achieve a substantial facial ‘lift’ and that illusive, defined jaw line, we have had to resort to the surgeons knife…..,

Now, there is a less invasive, less expensive, but, truly effective option…..

The treatment I am talking about is an ‘advanced sculpting technique’, using high quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. With the correct positioning, and in the correct amounts, these dermal fillers deliver exceptional facial lifting and improved jawline definition, and this can be achieved in one treatment session.

Having studied these treatment techniques and the products in depth, and had the opportunity to carry out a number of these procedures, I am extremely impressed by the results that this treatment protocol is allowing me to deliver for my clients.

This treatment offers minimal ‘down time’, you can carry on with life without major disruption. Results are immediate, and last for approximately 12 months (dependent on, age, smoker/non smoker, skin health etc)

It really does provide a lifted refreshed look…………..


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